Who we are at crvsh

Hi. We’re crvsh – Vodafone Germany’s digital disruption lab. Here, we build digital products for our customers. We come into play when it comes to doing things fast and differently while breaking with old habits. We at crvsh think if you’re an expert in your field, a boss in a grey suit shouldn’t interfere with that. At crvsh, we don’t think in departments. Combining our expertise and attitude, we transform ideas into successful products. Always having in mind that it’s all about delivering ‘freakin awesome’ solutions for our customers.

Let's Work Together @ crvsh

Born in 2017

and that's where you come


  • iOS Developer
  • Senior iOS Developer


  • iOS Developer
  • Senior iOS Developer
  • Android Developer
  • Senior Web Developer
  • Senior Back-End Developer
  • Back-End Developer
  • Team Lead Software Development

and these are the people you'd be working with at crvsh

  • Robert


    Senior Ramp-up Executive.

    Started as an iOS Dev, worked as a Solution Designer for Vodafone and now helps to build up and shape crvsh.

  • Mati


    Developer With a Hat.

    Web-dev from the sunny land of Mendoza (ARG). Currently focusing on FE and hats.

  • Simo


    Junior Software Developer.

    In a love-hate relationship with JavaScript. Can easily be bribed by a slice of Pizza.

  • Karim


    Solutions Architect.

    Entrepreneure & Innovation Addict. I love data, coffee and building new stuff.

  • Jelena


    UX Researcher.

    UX Enthusiast. Passionate about great design. Curious about people. Loves good coffee.

  • Tiyam


    Business Coordinator.

    Full-time foodlover, Parttime: Chaos-Process-Queen, always on the phone.

  • Su


    Senior Ramp-up Executive.

    Respect to the man in the ice cream van.

  • Resul


    Specialised in Android and Other Things.

    A senior is born like a phoenix from the ashes. Nothing else!